Mondelēz 2021 Snacking Made Right Report: Leadership & Employee Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Aug 12, 2022 12:10 PM ET

Mondelēz 2021 Snacking Made Right Report

Throughout Mondelēz International, we continue to focus on enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels – from the Board to new recruits. We see DE&I as not just the right thing to do but also a fundamental enabler of our continued growth and success.

Expanding Our DE&I Initiatives

We are creating local and global opportunities to further racial equity and economic empowerment by expanding our DE&I initiatives across three key areas: colleagues, culture and communities. These opportunities include mobilizing our consumer-facing brands and leveraging our partnerships with agencies and advertising platforms to drive change, equity and inclusion.

Our DE&I approach focuses on setting the tone from the top, through our Board of Directors, and supported by the Mondelēz Leadership Team and Global DE&I Steering Committee. We aspire to meet or exceed best in class representational percentages in all statistically underrepresented groups. And this is taken up by colleagues across the globe, as we all work together to elevate this important agenda through clear goals and accountability to make change happen.

To further reinforce DE&I, we have included specific DE&I aspirational metrics as part of our strategic scorecard within our annual incentive plan for the CEO and other senior leaders. The scorecard is used consistently across the company at both the corporate and region level and is linked directly to the three pillars of our strategy – growth, execution and culture.

In September 2020, we announced our new three-year DE&I goals. As an important step in our journey to make progress against DE&I, we established the Mondelēz Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Steering Committee including C-suite officers and other key senior leaders charged with collectively setting the strategy and DE&I goals for the organization.

DE&I Disclosures

Increasing Representation of Women in Leadership

We have improved women’s representation at Mondelēz International year-on-year for the past five years. In particular, we have seen continuous gains in increasing our representation of women in leadership. Over the last year, we have implemented practices focused on fairness in hiring and pay equity, including requiring diverse slates for open roles and providing inclusivity training for all people managers.

Implementing a Multi-year Strategy

Our achievements reflect our multi-year strategy and focus to increase female representation at all levels of the organization.

We also exceeded our annual goal for women in leadership — increasing women in executive leadership (defined by Mondelēz Leadership Team plus one level below) to 39%.

To achieve our goals, we have made critical investments in our development practices, including expanding women’s’ mentoring programs for senior-level colleagues. In addition to advancing women in leadership globally, we measure progress by business unit against their specific DE&I goals.

In 2021, leaders across Mondelēz International participated in our DE&I Culture & Inclusivity workshop.

Committing to Pay Equity

Our goal is to reward our colleagues for their work equally based on the value they create regardless of gender, race or other factors unrelated to performance. We work with independent third parties to conduct regular pay equity reviews for salaried employees and we are committed to eliminating unaccounted for pay differences and have been doing for so for many years.

We continue to see no discernible gap in women’s pay equity, which is a critically important goal for achieving gender equity. Additionally, in the U.S., a 2021 independent pay equity analysis found no systemic issues and no negative pay gap between non-white and white employees performing substantially similar work.

External Reviews We completed a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Review in our U.S. business. Led by a third-party, the review focused on assessing our progress in the areas of governance, talent acquisition and management, learning and development, and metrics and reporting. The results of the review have been shared with our Audit and People & Compensation Committees, and a summary can be found at

Ensuring Diversity of Candidate Slates

We have set a goal to have gender and racial diversity on every final candidate slate (list of candidates presented to a hiring manager) for manager-level positions and above. In addition to our goal of having female or racial representation on final candidate slates globally (and women/persons of color on U.S. slates), we track the percentage of women interviewed versus hired for the opportunities where they were considered. In 2021, we over-indexed by almost a 2:1 ratio of percentage of women hired versus the percentage who were screened for the open positions. This demonstrates our continued progress in hiring women leaders.

Creating a Culture of Championing Diversity

The increased representation of historically underrepresented groups is only part of the story. We are also creating a culture that fully leverages the benefits of diversity—one in which all colleagues, feel comfortable bringing their unique ideas, perspectives and experiences to the table. We are building this culture through our inclusivity leadership training, where more than 2,000 leaders across the enterprise have engaged in understanding how their leadership helps our diversity, inclusion and belonging efforts. We have been standing up a strong community of local DEI practitioners that are building competency and confidence of influencers to affect positive change in support of our DEI goals. And our Employee Resource Groups are bringing together communities and allies through their networks, events and collaboration increasing our employee engagement benchmarking scores above peer company averages.

Increasing U.S. Black Management Representation

In September 2020, we announced our goal to double our Black representation percentage in U.S. management roles by 2024, and we are exceeding our expected annual progress toward that goal. Our 2020 baseline was 3.2% and we ended 2021 at 5.1%, an increase of nearly 60% in the first year of our four-year goal.

Focusing on U.S. Early Careers

Our ambition is to build a more diverse set of leaders and to do that we invest in early career development as a key entry point to increased diversity within our company's leadership. In 2021, placements globally were 57% women, and in the US 48% persons-of-color.

Backing the Next Generation

As part of helping to close the gap for youth we partner with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) and are proud to offer financial assistance to outstanding students attending one of TMCF’s member-schools including 47 publicly-supported Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Predominantly Black Institutions. The Mondelēz International HBCU Scholarship partnership is a 4-year needs-based scholarship where we contribute $3 million in scholarships, immersion/bootcamps and professional development to TMCF over the next four years to increase higher education access and completion among minority students and underserved communities and to support educational programs that prepare the students for success in corporate careers.

The fund benefits selected scholars, who are college first-year students, each receiving up to $9,000 in scholarships per year for four years. Further, in addition to scholarships, immersion programs, and professional development, scholars will have opportunities to secure internships and full-time employment after graduation.

Further, as a Lead National Partner for Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Youth of the Year program, we work with the local Boys & Girls Clubs year-round to foster a new generation of leaders prepared to live and lead in a diverse, integrated world economy.

As part of this initiative, we are proud to provide scholarship funds for the finalists of the National Youth of the Year which ranks amongst most prestigious honors bestowed upon a young person, representing the voice of 4.7 million Boys & Girls Club youth. Each year, one teenager rises to the role of National Youth of the Year after journeying through competitions at the local (club), state and regional levels. Promoting leadership, inspiration and success, the National Youth of the Year program culminates in a celebration featuring the top five regional finalists and the National Military Youth of the Year. The 2021-22 National Youth of the Year was awarded to 18-year-old Briana P., representing the Northeast region and Bristol (CT) Boys & Girls Club Association. She calls volunteering second nature and credits her experience at BGCA with helping her open up and communicate with her peers.

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