Mission Markets Feature Story in Green Money Journal

Mar 1, 2011 2:59 PM ET

Mission Markets Blog

Mission Markets was featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Green Money Journal in a great article written by CEO and Founder Michael Van Patten about his journey from Wall Street to the social and environmental markets. Here is a brief quote from the article:

"Mission Markets: One Market(place), Many Missions"

"My early years heavily influenced my decision to focus my career on growing the impact investing space through the establishment of my current company, Mission Markets. I spent the majority of my teenage years in Ecuador, where my father worked as a diplomat. At this impressionable age, I had the unusual opportunity to experience life in the developing world--Every day I was faced with the extremes of poverty and vast wealth. To this day, I am stunned by the inequalities that exist in the world."

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- The Mission Markets Team

Mission Markets:
Mission Markets operates transaction platforms facilitating transactions within the social and environmental capital markets. The Mission Markets investment platform provides companies and organizations with access to funding and impact investors an efficient way to evaluate, invest in and monitor sustainable investment opportunities. If you are an accredited or institutional investor or social or environmental company seeking capital, click here to become a founding member.