Message From Mike: Bloomberg Is Helping To Lead the Way on Climate Change

Bold and ambitious action is required to overcome the challenges of climate change — and Bloomberg is helping to lead the way.
Jun 4, 2024 9:15 AM ET
Headshot of Mike

Mike Bloomberg introduces the 2023 Bloomberg Impact Report

One doesn’t have to be a scientist to see that climate change is here, despite the denials and dismissals that some still make. Just read or watch the news. And increasingly, we can see it with our own eyes in our own towns and cities.

In June 2023, the sky above Bloomberg headquarters in New York City turned orange, as the smoke from wildfires burning in Canada descended across the eastern seaboard, creating dangerous air conditions. Throughout the year, climate change brought far worse consequences for many more millions of people around the world, as deadly flooding, heatwaves, tropical storms, droughts and other extreme weather surged during the hottest year in recorded history.

Bold and ambitious action is required to overcome the challenges climate change is bringing — and Bloomberg is helping to lead the way.

As you’ll see in the pages of this report, we’re working to increase access to data and information that helps investors and policymakers make informed decisions that both grow the economy and help catalyze investment in a clean energy future. In 2023, our company produced new datasets, tools, research and products that help firms assess the risks and opportunities arising from climate change itself, from the transition to a net-zero emissions economy that is underway, from new climate-related regulatory requirements and from the economic impacts that come from degradation of nature and loss of biodiversity.

Through our support of industry initiatives such as the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, we advanced our work providing resources to financial firms to help them measure and manage emissions across their portfolios. Meanwhile, the Climate Data Steering Committee, a group we are helping to lead along with French President Emmanuel Macron and other partners, unveiled the first version of the Net-Zero Data Public Utility, a new climate data portal that will gather corporate emissions data in one place and make it freely available to everyone.

We are committed to leading by example, and in 2023, our company continued to move closer to our goal of obtaining 100 percent of our electricity from certified renewable sources by 2025. We also welcomed a new Chief Sustainability Officer, Amy Springsteel, to help get us there, and to further integrate broader areas of sustainability into our business operations and decision-making.

As always, our employees helped to drive progress in the communities where we live and work. More than 19,000 Bloomberg employees volunteered their time and talents on service projects, some of which involved environmental protection. Our company’s most important asset is our people, and we continue to invest in diversifying our team. And by helping our company grow and succeed, all our employees helped to fund the work of Bloomberg Philanthropies, which is leading global efforts to protect the environment and accelerate the transition to clean energy. The vast majority of our company’s profits go to Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Winning the fight against climate change requires cooperation at every level of government and across every sector of industry. In 2023, our company joined with our clients and others to rise to this challenge — and in the coming year, we are committed to doing even more.

Learn more about Bloomberg's commitment to bold and ambitious action in the 2023 Impact Report.