Meet the Faces of the Forest in Ticonderoga

Jan 5, 2021 12:10 PM ET

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TICONDEROGA, N.Y. - The faces of the forest are the people who work the land, nurture the trees and make the paper and packaging products we rely on for so many things. Sometimes, the faces of the forest are as much about a place as the people in it. Get a glimpse of the "Faces of the Forest" in the new installment by the Paper and Packaging Board, which features Ticonderoga, New York, a town with rich history in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York.

Ticonderoga is home to one of the oldest historical preservation sites in America, thousands of acres of protected "forever wild" forests along the idyllic shores of Lake George and International Paper's Ticonderoga Mill. The mill, which helps protect the land, is the only papermaking plant located completely inside a U.S. state park.

Meet Ticonderoga's "Faces of the Forest" and see how the town and mill work together to create value while upholding values of the area.

Watch the full video on YouTube