mBlog: A mGive Challenge – To Think Globally, Give Locally

Dec 30, 2011 1:45 PM ET
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Guest Post: A mGive challenge – To Think Globally, Give Locally

BY: JENIFER SNYDER, The mGive Foundation

Last week I learned that a small, local charity in my community was short hundreds of holiday gifts for children in need. I began spreading the word about this organization and its challenges through my personal network. Soon enough, I was receiving engaging responses such as “how can I help?” from once passive bystanders. It got me wondering what the response would be from the organization’s supporters if they were notified of this situation via text – especially if such an urgent and special appeal was communicated so close to the holidays with an immediate need. The message could be instant, direct and elicit immediate responses from supporters that could help. In an effort to test this challenge, I asked the organization to send me a text message the morning of the gift deadline, if there was still an unmet need of holiday gifts.  The morning of the deadline, the Director of the organization sent me a text message letting me know that they were indeed still short. I was empowered to send an immediate response back via text that I would be at their offices with an additional donation by 4:00pm that day. And within minutes, the organization’s director was able to thank me through SMS for my support, which only further reinforced my intention to help.

After dropping off my donation, and driving back to my office, I received another text message, thanking me for my donation. I felt that my donation was truly valuable and essential to their work, but it also reinforced our work at The mGive Foundation. If texting can work for one supporter like me, imagine what it can do with a larger group of donors. And not just for a one-time donation. Mobile can be effective for all-sized organizations. Additionally, because text messaging is a quick and efficient communication path, the organization can now send me periodic text messages while cultivating our relationship throughout the next year.

In many ways, integrating mobile into your life allows you to think globally, but give locally. My challenge to you and your organization in 2012 is to commit to mobile. How can your organization think globally, while still giving locally, through mobile? I encourage you to use this story as a spark to creating bigger impact next year. To learn more, visit us at: www.mGive.org.


Jenifer Snyder is the Executive Director of The mGive Foundation. The mGive Foundation furthers the mobile channel for social good through education and policy initiatives while supporting mGive clients engaged in mobile campaigns. Text JEN to 50555 for Jenifer’s mCard. Msg & Data rates may apply.