Maximising Teambuilding (and CSR) effectiveness - Bali or boardroom?

How companies can run successful teambuilding events and improve CSR
Apr 6, 2011 3:14 PM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) April 6, 2011 - Team Building that changes people, places and lives...No longer does your company’s CSR mission need to be separate from employee rewards and business goals.

Would you rather be sitting in a fluorescent lit conference room or immersing yourself in a local community in Bali? At Hands Up Incentives we presume that people prefer unique and authentic experiences in incredible places to the games so often played at teambuilding events.

This is why we structure our teambuilding around real community projects, to help communities in need. Each community’s requirements are different and teams have to figure out how best to utilize their skill sets to achieve the necessary tasks in limited time and with limited resources.

It is amazing to see how people pull together when they find themselves on a meaningful team building exercise in an impoverished school and they realize that their work will have a positive impact on children’s lives. This is the vital ingredient that makes these trips so special. After all, how often these days do we see the direct results of things we have done?

At the end of the day, the team will still be able to share a good laugh at some of the silly things they did, but they will also be able to share stories about the soccer game with 30 orphans or the oxcart ride to get the construction materials. These are the memories that will really bring the team together.

And when your employees are sitting back at their desk on Monday morning, they will know that some people in a distant community are better off because they helped to make it happen. The company can take heart that it has successfully inspired its employees and the CSR team will be pleased that the company is taking its sustainability mission seriously and the employees are all on board.

So, ballroom or Bali? Why not let your employees decide?