Managing Your Business Sustainability Message

Apr 6, 2010 12:15 PM ET

Taiga Company Blog

Global eco awareness over the last decade has been on a steady incline.  Corporate and small business sustainability action indicates more companies are beginning to recognize sustainability risks and opportunities in addressing environmental and social concerns.  However, even the most action-oriented organizations face reputation risks when marketing claims exceed sustainable action. 

Today’s consumers are becoming more educated, and many companies are realizing there is a diminishing return in simple ‘green’ marketing.  The dramatic increase in global eco awareness has resulted in a significant shift in ‘green’ consumer expectations.  To manage one’s sustainability reputation in today’s social media environment, leading business sustainability minded organizations realize that actions speak louder than words.   A strong reputation is a critical component of every business, but it is especially important in driving consumer eco awareness of a specific product or service.  To build business and product reputation, a company should be able to demonstrate what they say they value.  In this light, a recent lesson learned by many organizations is the over-statement of company sustainability intentions and actions.  Our professional consulting believes a “keep it simple” approach can prove to be the most effective.  

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