Making the World a Sweeter Place... One Spoonful at a Time

Fair Trade Month Sponsor, Wholesome Sweeteners, Impacts Fair Trade Cooperatives in a Big Way
Oct 28, 2011 3:00 PM ET
Campaign: Fair Trade Month

Making the World a Sweeter Place….One Spoonful at a Time

Fair Trade Month Sponsor, Wholesome Sweeteners, has made great positive impact in Malawi. Read their story to learn what this impact looks like for the members of the Kasinthula Cane Growers cooperative.

Most people wake up every morning, flip on the lights and head straight to the shower. Imagine not having that option. Imagine having to walk miles to reach fresh water and not having electricity to power your alarm clock or blow drier. Thankfully for those of us who live in the developed world, that scenario is never a thought in our minds. We go about our daily business hardly noticing the safe water that comes out of the tap or the outlet that charges our cell phone. In one village in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, no water and no electricity was a harsh reality until Wholesome Sweeteners and Fair Trade entered the picture.   In 2003, Wholesome Sweeteners began working with a small sugar cooperative called Kasinthula Cane Growers to help bring their delicious natural and raw sugar to the United States market. Since arriving on store shelves, the sugar became an instant hit with customers looking for an alternative to refined sugar. Customers also connected to the mission of Fair Trade and the enormous impact it would have on this struggling community located in one of the most inhospitable regions of Malawi.   Fair Trade premiums paid by Wholesome Sweeteners changed everyday life in the greater Kasinthula area in 2008. Surrounded by locals - a well, bringing safe, clean, drinking water was christened by villagers who were grateful for the ease and convenience of having running water. No longer did they have to walk miles to fetch water for their families or worry about deadly water-borne illnesses.   In addition to clean drinking water, Fair Trade premiums paid by Wholesome Sweeteners helped bring electricity to the same village. Sugarcane farmers can now run their operations more efficiently and medical clinics can store important medications to combat such diseases as bilharzia, cholera and dysentery.   The impact of Fair Trade continues to be unmistakable in places like Mexico and Paraguay, where schools and medical clinics help communities thrive.  With improved basic living conditions, cooperative members and their families can work to further stimulate their economies, reduce poverty and live healthy, productive lives.   Every so often, we get to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Supporting Fair Trade is that something bigger. Help Make Every Purchase Matter and make a difference in the lives of those in the developing world.   Wholesome Sweeteners is dedicated to bringing the finest Fair Trade Certified, organic and natural sugars, syrups and nectars to consumers. These delicious artisanal sweeteners are made at some of the smallest mills in the world. In addition to incomparable flavor, each of their products is made with exceptional care for the planet and people. For more information on Wholesome Sweeteners and its commitment to Fair Trade please visit, call 1-800-680-1896 or email at   FTUS18190