Make-A-Wish Celebrates Father’s Day with Tribute to Wish Dads

Jun 13, 2014 6:30 PM ET
Campaign: Wish Stories

We’ve seen almost everything at Make-A-Wish®. Some children wish to go, to be, to have or to meet. But for others, it’s about who they spend their wish with, their dad.

Six-year-old Jason’s wish, “I wish to be like my dad,” captures the importance fathers have in the wish experience and on wish kids as they fight their illness. As another Father’s Day comes, Make-A-Wish would like to recognize fathers for the strength, joy and hope they provide wish kids before, during and after their one true wish gets granted.

Jason’s story is just one of many that depict the importance of fathers in the wishes we grant. Nicolas – 16-years-old – wished to have a sidecar for his dad’s motorcycle so he could spend more time with him. Wish kid Peter chose to visit the village in which his father was born to embrace his Greek heritage and 4-year-old Hailey spent her wish riding horses, singing and dancing with her dad as she became a cowgirl for a week.

These wish kids are four examples that highlight the impact fathers make on wish kids. Fathers, thank you for your enduring support and Happy Father’s Day.

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