Looking Beyond Just "Conflict-free" to "Ethically Sourced" Diamonds and Gems

Apr 19, 2010 3:00 PM ET
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The definition of "conflict-free diamond" is very narrowly focused on the fact that the stone is not known to have funded armed conflict in Africa. The label does not assure ethical labor in the digging, cutting and polishing of diamonds nor does it address other environmental and social issues associated with the diamond industry including water pollution, community displacement, destruction of habitats, unsafe working conditions and low wages. These are just a few of the issues still associated with diamonds and gems, even those certified "conflict-free."  

While there is no perfect solution to this complex, global situation, C5 company has been relentless in its efforts to offer consumers the highest level of transparency possible while working to raise the standard of business industry-wide.

In launching the Meghan Connolly Haupt brand of sustainable fine jewelry, C5 publicized information about the materials used in the line.

Melee Diamonds - The diamonds used in Meghan Connolly Haupt jewelry are third-party certified by the International Diamond Laboratory and the Jeweltree Foundation, a label that guarantees supply chain transparency, social responsibility and ecological sustainability. Most of the diamonds are from the Argyle Mine in Australia or the Diavik Mine in Canada.

Cognac Sapphires - These gorgeous, fair-trade gems are mined in Malawi, Africa and are completely natural with no artificial enhancements.

Australian Blue Sapphires - These brilliant, fair-trade gems are mined in Australia, with only heat being applied to bring out the consistent enchanting hue.

Smoky Quartz - The rich golden brown color of the smoky quartz used in our jewelry is completely natural. They are mined by a husband and wife team in Northeastern California and are available in very limited quantities.

Zultanite - C5 is one of the few retailers in the United States using this rare, ethically sourced gem mined exclusively in Turkey. Its allure comes from unique color change properties and brilliant sparkle.

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