Your Fabulous Green Wedding - Your Dress Can Be Both Beautiful And Eco-Friendly.

May 25, 2010 12:59 PM ET

Your wedding dress is one of the most important elements of your green wedding. You will glow in a beautiful dress that you feel good wearing. Here are some ideas for finding the perfect dress that reflects your personality, style and values. 

  • Consider vintage. You just might be able to find a gorgeous gown worn by one of your friends or family members. If not, check out the local consignment shop or search online. Take the dress to a local seamstress to have it altered so that it fits you perfectly. (Caution: Finding a vintage gown in good condition can be very time consuming.)

  • Have a dress custom made. Supporting your local economy is a good thing.  In having a dress handmade specifically for you, not only can you design exactly what you want, but can ensure the dress is made with eco-friendly fabrics. It is also great to support local designers who are trying to compete against national chain retail stores.There is always less of a carbon footprint when you purchase locally made products too.

  • Support eco-designers. There is an emerging community of fashion designers commited to treading lightly on the planet. It is no longer hard to find goregous, eco-friendly wedding dresses made from organic cotton, natural dyes, and hemp. By supporting eco-designers, you are helping to advance sustainability in the fashion industry.

Tips provided by Meghan Connolly Haupt, founder of C5 company. C5 is a leader in sustainable custom engagement and wedding rings. Visit their website to learn more about Green Weddings.