Longhorn Electric Racing Is Building the Future of Electric Vehicles With Cadence Tools

May 8, 2024 12:00 PM ET

Longhorn Racing is a student-run racing team at the University of Texas at Austin. Not only are they building the best race cars, but they’re also building the future generation of engineers.

Longhorn Racing’s electric vehicle team was founded in 2016. Some of the challenges they face in designing an electric car are making sure it can go as fast as possible, making sure it has sufficient cooling, and doing that in an effective way that avoids spending hundreds of thousands of dollars creating physical models. This is where Cadence Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) comes in.

Cadence CFD takes a relatively short amount of time to run simulations and the cloud-based software allows the team to quickly get their models in and mesh them. With Cadence OnCloud, they have access to 32 cores per each simulation, which allows their simulations to be much quicker compared to using their personal laptops. The relationship with Cadence gives these student team members real life experience with software they’ll be able to use in future internships and full-time jobs.

Watch this short video to hear directly from Longhorn Racing team members on how they're reaching their goals much more efficiently with the help of Cadence CFD and Cadence OnCloud.