Lilly: Behavioral Change Ecosystem – The Sweet Spot

Jul 17, 2014 10:30 PM ET

Behavioral Change Ecosystem – The Sweet Spot

Today’s guest blog comes from Dr Sohan Shah M.D, Senior Vice President of McCann Health in India, and an expert on healthcare behavior change.   Bringing about behavioral change, especially in the space of health where the rewards are not imminent or overt, is an arduous task.  But it is a task we must undertake if we are to successfully address pressing healthcare challenges. Such behavioral change is one of the key topics I will be discussing today at India’s 2nd National Non-Communicable Diseases Summit in Delhi. Our focus will largely be on diabetes, but the underlying principles of behavior change apply to all areas of health—and beyond.   Read on for more on why behavioral change is so difficult and what works for successful change.