Lhtako Quesnel 2024 BC Winter Games Marks a Sporting History

Lhtako Dene Nation and City of Quesnel to co-host the BC Winter Games in February
Feb 23, 2024 10:30 AM ET

The City of Quesnel and Lhtako Dene Nation (LDN) have united to etch their names in the sports history books. Located south of Prince George, BC, this small town with more than 10,000 people and the First Nation, whose lands are unceded, have jointly taken the reins to host the BC Winter Games this year.

Officially called Lhtako Quesnel 2024 BC Winter Games, this biggest sporting event in the region, scheduled from Feb. 22-25 in Quesnel, will not only highlight the province’s top athletes but also showcase the spirit of reconciliation in action. This unique partnership recognizes the First Nation’s culture, ways of life, and traditional territory, and also stands as a testament to unity.

“For us, this is more than just a sporting event,” says Tim Mitchell, LDN councilor and 2024 BC Winter Games board director. “All the participants gathering here in Quesnel will take home not only medals and memories of their competitions, but the stories and knowledge about our traditions and our people.”

About 1,700 athletes, coaches and officials are expected to participate in the Games. With this, volunteer support is crucial for the successful execution of the sports events. While 1,100 people have already volunteered, additional hands are still needed especially in food services, overnight shifts in accommodation and certified first-aid responders.

Enbridge employees, who live and work in the area, have also signed up to volunteer in this year’s Games. To further support this initiative, the company donated $25,000 as part of its Fueling Futures program. This will help ensure a smoother and higher quality sport event. Surplus funds become part of the Games legacy distributed in the community.

“As members of this community for almost 70 years, we take pride in participating in this historic sports event,” says Ali Hendi, an Enbridge projects manager. “But more volunteers are still needed, so we encourage anyone who is available to step forward and help make these games successful.”

Interested individuals can sign up on the BC Winter Games website.

(TOP PHOTO: The Lhtako Dene Nation and City of Quesnel will co-host the 2024 BC Winter Games in February. Photo courtesy BC Games.)