Leveling Up Your ESG Communications

Download 3BL Media’s latest eGuide for tips on how to turn the data associated with your ESG initiatives into a story that resonates with various stakeholder groups.
Oct 27, 2021 9:30 AM ET
image text: Leveling Up Your ESG Comms

Over the past year, several crises have been at the forefront of stakeholders’ minds: the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice and rapid climate change, to name a few. Now, they want to hear how businesses are doing their part to build a better future.

Did your company release an annual sustainability report? Did your CEO make a statement about racial justice? Have your employees written blog posts about company volunteer events? This content and more is part of your ESG story - and audiences are eager to hear it.

Companies that report the data associated with their ESG initiatives and tell the story behind it reap the benefits of increased stakeholder engagement and trust, and a more resilient business. To help you connect with the audiences that matter most, 3BL Media’s latest eGuide “Leveling Up Your ESG Comms” will walk you through how to tell your company’s ESG story.

We’ll cover how to effectively tell your stories and tailor your messages to a variety of stakeholder groups. With 3BL Media’s practical tips and tactics you’ll be well on your way to leveling up your ESG communications and engaging audiences year-round.

Download the eGuide now.