Leidos Partners With Carma To Create More Green Spaces

By Silka Patel
May 7, 2024 3:00 PM ET
A group of volunteers posed outside in front of a truck.

Leidos has partnered with Carma to create more green spaces by planting trees across the UK, supporting reforestation and helping tackle climate change. This tree planting activity gave our employees and veterans the opportunity to plant 1000 new trees in the Welsh countryside. Carma facilitates nature-based therapy for veterans through these tree planting days, alleviating PTSD and other conditions brought on by armed conflict. Through their work with veterans in partnership with sponsors such as Leidos, Carma is empowered to award recognised horticulture and forestry qualifications to veterans.

The Carma tree planting days align with Leidos’ sustainability goals focusing on delivering our environmental commitments. Leidos UK is set to become Net Zero by 2040, with giving back to our local communities as an integral part of our strategy. As such, our collaboration with Carma on one of their tree planting days has not only benefited the environment and the veterans working with Carma, but it has also contributed to our commitment to investing in more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and team-building activities.

The Carma tree planting activity has supported Leidos UK employees at working towards their own goals, such as employee sustainability goals recorded through Giki, as well as external commitments to drive positive environmental changes through activities, such as tree planting, to improve the positive impact Leidos UK have on the Earth. Leidos UK employees have access to Giki Zero, a tool to better inform colleagues about their impact on the environment and how to improve their carbon footprint. Giki provides a personalised programme for Leidos UK employees to set themselves environmental goals and track their progress on a leaderboard. Partnerships with organisations such as Carma and Giki, further contribute to the environmental awareness of employees at Leidos UK, and their commitment to reducing their individual carbon footprints, as well as the carbon footprint of Leidos UK.

Corporate tree planting days are about team building, making a difference to the environment and getting outdoors. They are about connecting, connecting with each other, connecting with veterans, and connecting with nature. Making a positive impact, fighting climate change, and leaving a legacy that will surpass many lifetimes.

Jim Holland CEO & Co-Founder, Carma

Carma’s mission is to make social and environmental impact simple and affordable, one of the many ways of doing this is by planting trees and employing veterans from The Green Task Force. Their tree planting days incorporate team building, giving back to society and nature all in one day. Some of the veterans have PTSD and are treated through nature-based therapy and provided with positive pathways to employment through nature-based tasks. It is a thoroughly rewarding day with many benefits, including mental health, and supporting the companies’ environmental activations. Carma proudly displays the Armed Forces Covenant as does Leidos. Leidos received the Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award in 2019 and this work is part of our Covenant commitments working with our client Ministry of Defence. This award represents our dedication to promoting opportunities for those who have served in the armed forces, as well as ensuring Leidos is a supportive environment for veterans.

Our Leidos employees were fortunate enough to get involved in one of Carma’s tree planting days in Wales recently. The team were given an introduction to Carma and a brief overview of the work they do in the UK, as well as the opportunity to learn about The Green Task Force vision and mission. Before beginning the tree planting, the team were shown how to plant trees and were involved in the discussion around the benefits of doing so. The trees were then planted, along with stakes and protection to ensure the trees planted by Leidos will grow safely for years to come.

We hope to continue this great work in 2024, aspiring to reach our 2025 carbon emissions reduction targets and work towards beating our 2022 achievement of a 30.5% total carbon emissions reduction from our baseline year (2019) across all three scopes. Remaining focused on our employees’ wellbeing, our relationships within our local communities, and protecting the planet, Leidos UK remain passionate about reducing carbon emissions and engaging with our employees to better understand how we can maximise our positive impact on the environment around us.