Learn How the Green Ledger Best Practice Supports Sustainability Goals

By Judith Magyar
Mar 11, 2024 9:45 AM ET
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From left: MEA South SAP COO Johannes Dressler, Sophia Mendelsohn, SAP Chief Sustainability Officer, Shirish Bhide, CEO UAB, Ayman Al Qudsi, CIO UAB. SAP. Image courtesy of Forbes.

Originally published by Forbes

According to the UN Climate Finance Framework, private sector finance is the largest source of financial flows for climate action, particularly mitigation. But you can’t mitigate what you can’t measure.

To help companies manage sustainability business data from the bottom-up with actual data on a transactional level, SAP developed an accounting system for emissions data that is as auditable, transparent, and reliable as a system for measuring financial data. The data is vital to seeing holistically across the value chain to understand where emissions are occurring, setting accurate net-zero targets, and identifying specific areas for decarbonization impact.

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