Las Vegas Sands CSR Pillars

Jul 24, 2017 12:15 PM ET

As featured in the Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility O…

Our CSR Pillars

Our People

We are committed to creating a positive work environment for our Team Members that promotes advancement and professional success. We are also dedicated to a strong code of conduct and business ethics that are the foundation for all of our people, from executives to front-line staff. Finally, our commitment to people extends to supporting aspiring professionals in the hospitality industry through a range of training opportunities, educational partnerships and financial support that help shape our industry's future.

Our Communities

Las Vegas Sands’ properties located around the world have made significant economic contributions to improve the quality of life in the communities where we operate. We magnify that impact through philanthropic gifts, partnerships and volunteerism for local organizations that help make our communities better places to live.

Our Planet

Las Vegas Sands is committed to reducing its environmental impact on the planet. We have become a leader in sustainable building development and resort operations, exemplified by our award-winning Sands ECO360 Global Sustainability Program. We share this expertise through strategic initiatives and partnerships that advance sustainability practices in our communities. 

Impact Around the World

Las Vegas Sands made marked strides in its endeavor to be a socially responsible company in 2016. We delivered on our core pillars of People, Communities and Planet, with dedicated programs that made impact internally with our Team Members and externally in the hospitality industry, in the regions where we operate and in our quest to reduce impact on the environment. Evidence of the success of our work
in 2016 was our designation in early 2017 as one ofFortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies, encompassing our corporate social responsibility performance as well as our leadership, innovation and financial performance.

Being a socially responsible company has no end goal – it’s a constant commitment to improving our performance in our core focus areas and always identifying and integrating new ways to deliver value. In our ongoing journey toward being a good corporate citizen, we have better defined our road and delivered on many of our core objectives in 2016. 

CSR Programs 

Sands Cares - our support in our communities 

UNITED STATES: Homelessness, K-12 Education, Hospitality Industry Education Jobs & Productivity Veterans' Services

MACAO: Social Services Culture and Creativity Economic, Business & Workforce Development

SINGAPORE: Arts Education Jobs & Productivity 

Sands ECO 360 Global Sustainability - our support for the planet 

SUSTAINABLE BUILDING DEVELOPMENT: New Developments Remodels & Renovations Innovative Technologies

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE OPERATIONS: Natural Resource Conservation Waste Management Supply Chain Sustainability

GREEN MEETINGS: Environmental Footprint Community Cause Wellness

STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Team Member Collaboration External Partnerships Certifications & Reporting

Download the complete Las Vegas Sands 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Overview here