Landsec Publishes 2018 Sustainability Update

Jun 11, 2018 9:00 AM ET

“By strengthening our relationships and achieving the right results we make our company more resilient. We want customers to prefer our space. We want communities to be pleased it’s us operating in their area. We want our partners to share our priorities and principles. And we want our employees to feel this is the best place to invest their energy and ambition. Get all of this right and we can sustain Landsec as a strong and respected company for years to come.” Robert Noel, Chief Executive, Landsec

Landsec’s sustainability programme focuses on three key areas:

  • Creating jobs and opportunities
  • Efficient use of natural resources
  • Sustainable design and innovation

This year you’ll find updates on all of Landsec’s sustainability activities, performance and data embedded throughout its 2018 Annual Report, available at

Highlights include; undertaking a climate change resilience study to assess the risks and opportunities to the business, launching a sustainability charter for partners which sets out Landsec’s sustainability expectations, retrofitting solar panels to several of its Retail assets and producing its first economic contribution report.

Key results:

  • 1,100+ Disadvantaged people supported into employment through the Landsec Community Employment Programme
  • £100,000+ Funds raised for Landsec’s national charity partner Barnardo’s
  • 100% Strategic suppliers paying the living wage in London
  • 28.6% Reduction in carbon emission intensity
  • 1.4MW On-site renewable electricity capacity
  • 100% Waste diverted from landfill
  • £13.2bn Total contribution to the UK economy each year from people based at Landsec assets

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See Landsec’s 2018 Performance Data Report and more detail on its sustainability activities at

For further queries contact Caroline Hill, Head of Sustainability and Public Affairs

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