"La Linea Rosa"

"La Linea Rosa"

PepsiCo Mexico's Production Line Staffed Entirely by Women

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 10:00am

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At the PepsiCo Vallejo Biscuit Plant in Mexico City, one of PepsiCo’s main manufacturing facilities for Gamesa cookies, there is one product packaging line that is a little different from the rest.

The line is called “La Linea Rosa,” or “the Pink Line,” and it’s staffed entirely by women who wear pink vests and operate pink equipment. 

“The Pink Line was developed as part of PepsiCo Mexico’s cultural transformation process, and our focus on diversity and inclusion,” said Gustavo O’Farrill, director of the Vallejo Biscuit Plant. 

“Certain key positions at the plant were traditionally held by men,” he said.  “We wanted to find ways to increase job opportunities for our female associates, to help them advance and succeed, while at the same time increasing the availability of high-quality talent to help keep our plant strong and successful.”

In early 2013, representatives from the plant’s safety, human resources, production and occupational health offices began planning development and training programs to help female employees qualify for non-traditional jobs.

During discussions about the planned changes with a committee representing the plant’s female associates, committee members proposed the creation of a production line staffed entirely by women.  The reason, they said, was to demonstrate the ability of the plant’s female associates to deliver outstanding results.

The idea was accepted and today the Pink Line serves as a developmental program, training and preparing women for non-traditional jobs.

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