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Mar 24, 2010 3:34 PM ET

Know Women, Know Sustainable Consumers

There is more than meets the eye in what we know about how women buy (poetry not intended).  And, fortunately for us, that means we’ve got a lot of information at the ready to help better serve the sustainably minded consumer.

My argument has always been that marketing to women was not a “whole new, complicated thing” compared to marketing done before we acknowledged women’s particular ways of buying.  Instead, marketing to women encompasses an understanding toward fine tuning the smartest marketing to the toughest customer.  Today, marketing to women continues to be a foundation for the smartest marketing approach, but this time the toughest customer is not a woman, as such, but a person buying through a sustainability lens (who may more likely be a woman, but there are plenty of men in this group too). 

A recent article by Dr. Bob Deutsch, a cognitive anthropologist, caught my eye with its sustainability implications along those lines.  His research, very simply, points out that men consummate and women cycle. Do you see what I see? 

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