Keynote Presentation: The ERM Advantage

Keynote Presentation: The ERM Advantage

Speaker: John Scott, Chief Risk Officer, Zurich Global Corporate at Zurich Financial Services


Keynote Presentation: The ERM Advantage, presented by John Scott, Chief Risk Officer of Zurich Financial Services on February 9th at the Investment Industry Enterprise Risk Management Conference in Toronto. 

The global financial crisis revealed somewhat dramatically that enterprise risks have become more complex, and that complexity is a risk in itself. Financial sector organizations have adopted ERM to better understand and manage the full range of complex risks that can affect them, including strategic, operational, and investment risks.

Zurich’s integrated view of enterprise risks helped it make some tough business decisions to change its risk profile since 2003. As a result, Zurich outshone its competitors during the recent financial markets turmoil.

John Scott will share how senior management ensures enterprise-wide risks are managed to protect the balance sheet and enable sustainable and profitable growth. Find out how ERM helped Zurich maximize its resilience, refine its risk/return profile, and drive strategic growth.

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Friday, November 5, 2010 - 11:00am

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