Justin's Story: How One ScottsMiracle-Gro Associate Made a Healthy Change for His Family

by Dianna Caspary, Associate Communications Manager, ScottsMiracle-Gro
Jan 21, 2021 9:00 AM ET

Back in 2014, Justin realized that his health had taken a dive.

"I was 5 feet 9 inches tall and carrying around 255 pounds. My blood pressure was 149/90, and my cholesterol was 249,” says Justin, a shipping supervisor in our ScottsMiracle-Gro Marysville, Ohio, plant. “My wife and I had a baby on the way; and we also had a 10-year-old daughter, who I barely had enough energy to play with.”

Life on a farm to a desk job

Justin grew up on a farm in North Lewisburg, Ohio, and was active on the farm when he was young. When he first joined the company, his position was in packaging so he was on his feet all day. He received a promotion to maintenance coordinator, and that’s when his life became sedentary. This is when he started gaining weight. 

Justin says that he would eat whatever food was available around the office too -- a donut for breakfast and a couple pieces of pizza for lunch. The weight started to pile on due to the lack of physical activity.

He knew things had to change since he had a second child on the way.

The workout that worked

Justin decided to take advantage of the health and wellness benefits that ScottsMiracle-Gro offers. He joined a gym and started working out with a trainer. 

“Interval cardio training was grueling. I never looked forward to it,” he says. But as he continued, the workouts got easier, and he started seeing the results when he looked in the mirror. Soon, others started noticing. 

“I’d see people that I hadn’t seen in a month or so,” says Justin, “and they’d say, ‘Wow! You’ve lost weight. You look great!’ That feedback was a confidence boost and a big motivator for me.”

As he got healthier and stronger, Justin began running in 5Ks and then worked up to half marathons and ultras. He’s also participated in 50-mile bike tours and obstacle course races. 

A healthy new lifestyle

In addition to working out, Justin worked with a dietitian. He started eating healthier foods, planning meals, and preparing foods on Sundays. His efforts paid off.

Justin lost 70 pounds in one year. His blood pressure lowered to 118/78 and his total cholesterol was down to 133. He continues his healthy lifestyle today and has become an inspiration and resource to others.

“My friends and my co-workers ask me for advice on eating healthy or working out,” he says, “And my wife started eating better and working out, and she lost about 50 pounds.”

The healthy lifestyle is a family thing. Justin’s kids love their veggies, and everyone enjoys getting outside to go biking or to go for a walk together in the local parks.

“These changes weren’t just for me, but for my whole family,” Justin says. “I owe a great deal of my success to Scotts and am thankful for all it has provided me.”

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