Join VolunteerMatch in Fighting Hunger Over the Holidays

Dec 7, 2012 6:30 PM ET

Volunteering is CSR

Look around you – are you at work, at home, out with friends? Let your gaze rest warmly on the people close to you, first one, then another, then another. After five people, take a closer look at that sixth friend or coworker. They look happy, healthy and care-free, but statistically, they are struggling to get the food they need.

One in six people in America faces hunger.

Especially this time of year, the difference between those that do and do not have to worry about their next meal is in stark relief. So this year VolunteerMatch is dedicating our end of year messaging during December to this critical issue, and harnessing the power of our networks to fight hunger.

And we want you to join us.

Fighting Hunger with VolunteerMatch

The issue of hunger is pervasive, and only by joining together to find solutions will we overcome this critical issue. In addition to dedicated our holiday campaign to hunger awareness, we have also built tools and special trainings to help nonprofits engage volunteers in the fight against hunger, and to help individuals connect with organizations that need their help.

So how can you join in and help us fight hunger?

Your Company

Whether or not your corporation focuses on hunger-relief issues in your cause work, you can help raise awareness by reaching out to your employees and getting them involved. You can educate them by tying the work you do back to hunger.

If your company is planning to do any community engagement over the next month, consider partnering with a local food bank or shelter. Encourage your senior management to direct corporate funds to hunger-related causes.

Does your company focus on environmental issues? Talk about how climate change, urban greening, or water quality impacts hunger (because it all does). Do you spend time and resources to help disadvantaged youth? Raise awareness about food insecurity in urban communities, and how young people can help each other overcome hunger so they can pull themselves out of a vicious cycle.

Internally, you can hold hunger awareness sessions to educate employees about hunger issues in your community. Empower them to make a difference for others in small ways by posting suggestions all over the office with stats, stories and info about fighting hunger.


Pledge to do a little more this month by organizing an office canned food drive, or giving some time at the local food pantry. Focus your personal volunteering passion this month on a problem we can all understand, even if we’ve been lucky enough never to experience it.

A Special Month for a Critical Cause

Over the course of December 2012, we’ll be talking about hunger issues on our blogs, in our emails, on social media, to the press and in person whenever we can. We’ll tell stories, report statistics, encourage action and celebrate impact. Look out for posts that can help you and your company with tools and resources to fight hunger.

Bottom line: we want to make a difference for the tens of millions of people struggling to get enough food in this country, and we hope you’ll join us. Spread the word within your community about the many opportunities to fight hunger this holiday season, and together, we can put a dent in hunger.

How is your company joining in to fight hunger?