JetBlue March in NYC Disability Pride Parade in support of Reaching Blue Heights Initiatives

Jul 23, 2018 1:05 PM ET

On July 15, JetBlue marched in the NYC Disability Pride Parade in support of JetBlue’s Reaching Blue Heights initiatives. Hosted by Disability Pride NYC, the parade’s purpose is to promote inclusion, awareness, and visibility of people with disabilities, and to redefine public perception of disability. This is JetBlue’s fourth time participating in the parade.

JetBlue is conscious in prioritizing support for all of our crewmembers, customers, and their families alike. As the company’s mission states, JetBlue strives to inspire humanity for all, and recognizes that there is always more to be done to support individuals with disabilities. That’s why JetBlue stays committed year round. Internally, JetBlue is committed to creating job opportunities and promoting inclusion through the Reaching Blue Heights initiative consisting of internships, Disability Career Fairs, and community outreach designed to help fuel the airline’s talent pipeline.

Progress must be made through both internal and external community efforts, and JetBlue is proud to support a group as dedicated to the cause as Disability Pride NYC.