Investors Should Care About Climate Change

Investors Should Care About Climate Change

Bloomberg LP's Curis Ravenel Discusses Why Investors Should Care About Climate Change
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 3:00pm

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Bloomberg's head of Global Sustainability Critis Ravenel was recently interviewed by Institutional Investor discussing why investors should care about climate change. Revenel, who originally proposed the sustainability effort at Bloomberg in 2006 says that it has been "an opportunity to elevate the conversation in a way that is an accelerant to change by demonstrating the connection between environmental and financial returns". First and foremost sustainability is good for business, he says, and also the right thing to do.  

The article is originally posted at Institutional Investor 

Bloomberg Sustainability is comprehensive.  We've combined our business expertise with a desire for meaningful change and integrated sustainability into how we think about our products, our planet, and our people.  BSustainable 2020 is our vision for creating sustainable impact.  Integrating sustainability means considering environmental and social impacts, along with traditional economic analysis, in all aspects of our business.  It's the daily promise we make to redefine what it means to be a sustainable business, and our commitment to action: reducing consumption, buying renewable products and services, helping to set standards, encouraging disclosure and promoting clean technologies. To learn more about our efforts, visit

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