Investment in Cogeneration in Illinois

Investment in Cogeneration in Illinois

Friday, November 22, 2013 - 8:25am

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Caterpillar's Global Purchasing Division acquired the 51.5 MW cogeneration plant adjoining the Mossville, Ill., Caterpillar campus in 2012. Cogeneration is an energy-efficient means of producing multiple output streams from a single fuel source, in this case, electricity, steam and chilled water from natural gas. For Caterpillar, the plant acquisition:

·Reduces Caterpillar's reported annual greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 12,000 metric tons CO2e by utilizing the cogeneration plant to meet the Mossville campus energy needs as compared to purchasing electricity from the grid.

·Allows Caterpillar to proactively manage its cost structure by eliminating a long-term utility power purchase agreement and allowing for revenue generation through the sale of excess electricity to the regional power grid.

·Utilizes Caterpillar's own products, three Solar™ Turbines Titan 130 natural gas-fired generator sets, to produce electricity and steam.

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