Integrating Renewable Solutions Into Everyday Operations at International Paper

Aug 17, 2023 11:05 AM ET

Originally published in International Paper's 2022 Sustainability Report

Circularity wraps around everything we do at International Paper, from the renewable resources we rely on for our raw materials, to the products we make that can be recycled over and over. Integrating renewable solutions into our everyday operations is critical to our strategy of building a better world.

Our progress toward Vision 2030 

We’re committed to advancing circularity across our value chain, using renewable and recycled fiber to create innovative products that are 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable — the key to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Goal: Accelerate the transition to a lowcarbon economy through innovative fiber-based products

Target: Advance circular solutions throughout our value chain and create innovative products that are 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable 

We think about the entire life cycle of our products. A core component of our circularity strategy, our products enjoy multiple lives through repeated cycles of reuse, recovery and recycling, and byproducts of our manufacturing process are put to good use.

2022 Impact: 93.5% of International Paper pulp and packaging products are recyclable, reusable or compostable - including 93.5% recyclability of our NA products and 100% recyclability of our EMEA products

87% of projects support renewable solutions in the pulp innovation pipeline

48% of waste has been diverted from landfill for a beneficial use

What is circularity?

A welcome departure from the linear, take-makewaste production model in which a product is used once and discarded, the circular economy is an economic system based on recovering, recycling and reusing products and materials. The key principles of the system include:

  • Designing out waste and pollution
  • Keeping products and materials in use
  • Regenerating natural systems

Our embrace of circularity is evident in our manufacturing processes, where we optimize resources by 1) designing out waste and pollution and 2) maximizing our use and reuse of all materials, resources, byproducts and residuals.

Circularity at IP 

To achieve our renewable solutions goal, we’ve implemented a four-pillared strategy to help guide how we think about our impact across our value chain and identify implementation tactics within each of our businesses that advance circular solutions. Those pillars are:

  1. Sourcing sustainable raw materials
  2. Using circular manufacturing processes
  3. Collaborating on solutions
  4. Creating innovative products

We’re committed to advancing circular solutions across our value chain, helping to lead the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy.

About International Paper

International Paper (NYSE: IP) is a global producer of planet-friendly packaging, pulp and other fiber-based products, and one of North America’s largest recyclers. Headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., we employ approximately 39,000 colleagues globally who are committed to creating what’s next. We serve customers worldwide, with manufacturing operations in North America, Latin America, North Africa and Europe. Net sales for 2022 were $21.2 billion. Additional information can be found by visiting

About International Paper - EMEA

In Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), International Paper focuses on the production and marketing of fiber-based packaging and pulp, employing approximately 4,200 people. As a leading supplier of high-quality corrugated containers for a multitude of applications, we serve customers throughout the region from our network of two recycled containerboard mills and 23 box plants in France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal and Spain. Pulp production is centered in Gdansk, Poland. Other products available from International Paper in the region include Kraft linerboard and recycled containerboard, as well as pulp.

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