Inside the Footprint

Apr 9, 2010 8:39 AM ET

Taiga Company Blog

The “Footprint” has long been a metaphor for authors and poets as a journey worth following.  In more recent history is has been a symbol that has in a moment unified humanity: A point of study in the origins of man.  An image that captivated the world with the first man on the moon

Today’s Footprint has a made a new impression in the sand but has the same lasting affect.  This globally recognized residual mark provides a basis of common understanding.   The “Carbon Footprint” emerged out of the UK in the early 2000s and has received a lot of attention.  Probably the most well known of the footprint terminology, the Carbon Footprint primarily focuses on CO2 waste streams from energy production.  An energy consultant might use the term in discussions about Global Warming or Climate Change.    The “Environmental Footprint” measures individual and business impact on the environment.  Environmental businesses and consultants speak of it relation to resource consumption, business process impacts, and company waste streams that effect the environment.   Click here to continue reading.