Infographic: Papermaking as a Model of the Circular Economy

Oct 19, 2016 10:00 AM ET

Paper is inherently circular by nature – made with renewable resources with high levels of renewable energy and is recyclable.  And Sappi takes additional measure to further reduce impact at its operations.

Our outreach programs have also supported higher recovery of paper and other recyclable materials, keeping them out of landfills to avoid the creation of harmful gasses. Put simply: Sappi cares about the lifecycle of its products - from responsible procurement of raw materials through to manufacturing, distribution and end-use. Committed to collaboration with supply channel partners, the efficient management of materials and the recy­cling and re-use of industrial by-products, Sappi has even created five-year goals for waste reduction and energy efficiency so it can continuously strive to improve its sustainability efforts and its positive impact on the regions it calls home.

Learn more about the circular economy in the 2015 Sappi North America Sustainability Report: