INFOGRAPHIC | The Energy Landscape Is on the Brink of Disruption, Which Direction Is the Business World Headed?

Mar 27, 2018 11:15 AM ET

The energy ecosystem and electricity system is on the verge of disruption. Energy is becoming decentralized and new technologies are enabling business to both produce and consume energy. Many companies are looking at these megatrends to find new ways to save money, meet sustainability goals and build resiliency. Every year, companies spend more than $450 billion on energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives. Plus 63% of Fortune 100 companies have set one or more clean energy targets. Coupled with mounting pressure from investors, employees and customers to operate in a more sustainable and transparent fashion, corporations have significant incentive to act.

Schneider Electric and GreenBiz Research surveyed energy and sustainability professionals from almost 240 large companies to understand how organizations are preparing for a decarbonized, decentralized and digitized energy future.

In addition to sharing survey findings, this report -- The State of Corporate Energy and Sustainability Programs 2018 -- provides guidance on how businesses can more tightly align how they buy and use energy, and build sustainable operations.

Despite progress and results to date, the survey identified gaps in how firms currently approach and execute energy and sustainability initiatives. These gaps can limit ROI. This survey also showed evidence that the business community is not prepared for the seismic shift that is reshaping the energy landscape. At the same time, several promising trends emerged, which confirmed widespread support for renewable energy and highlight changes in how companies view and prioritize energy focused programs.

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