Implementing a Successful Operational Risk Management Framework

What EHS Managers Should Learn from Best-In-Class companies
Nov 5, 2014 8:00 AM ET
Campaign: Risk Management

Gaining visibility into and control over the multitude of internal and external risks is one of the top priorities of corporations today. With a recent jump in regulatory mandates and increasingly active shareholders, many organizations have become sensitive to identifying and eliminating areas of risk — including operational, IT, brand, and reputation areas — from their business.

For EHS Managers, reducing operational risks such as environmental & social risks, incidents and regulatory sanctions is a core component of any effective EHS strategy. 

This 10-page study by Aberdeen Group will explore how Best-in-Class companies implement an integrated and flexible risk management framework. The research will also uncover where automation and software plays a role.

What you’ll learn in this report:

  • The top business pressures driving operational risk management
  • How the most successful companies overcome these pressures
  • How to build a reliable risk management framework
  • Areas where the Best-in-Class rely on software

Key recommendations for companies looking to improve their risk management.

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