Ideagen Global Challenge - Empowering Women & Girls

Ideagen Global Challenge - Empowering Women & Girls -
Aug 18, 2016 4:10 PM ET

August 18, 2016 /3BL Media/ - On May 19, 2016, Ideagen launched the Ideagen Global Ideation Challenge with the vital premise centered on health, education, and the empowerment of women and girls.  "We have been enthusiastic supporters of Ideagen from its inception", Dr Kiko Suarez, vice president of Lumina Foundation, said.  "Using crowdsourcing platforms like InnoCentive allows our foundation to contribute to the success of our partners in an innovative way".

Health and education are essential for the economic development of society. In spite of differences created by geography or demographics, education is highly correlated with not only life span, but also economic growth. An educated worker is more productive and as a parent will make better choices and provide more opportunities for their children to succeed. Research in the developing world indicates that educational status (especially of the mother) is a predictor of health outcomes. Much more can be done, especially in context of the developing countries as every minute, many women and children are dying from preventable diseases and treatable conditions.  Ideagen seeks to empower women & girls through new approaches that increase access to quality education and / or promoting their good health and well-being.

Ideagen proposed this challenge in response to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and emphasized the need for a sustained commitment to achieving these goals through innovation and cross-sector innovation and collaboration in order to make the world more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable place by 2030. Solutions and submissions were collected until the deadline of June 27, 2016. Within a month’s time nearly 482 active solvers became part of the scalable ideation challenge to identify a solution that is scalable, implementable, and novel to receive the $10,000.00 prize, donated to Ideagen by Lumina Foundation.

The results of the challenge as determined by the judging panel at the Ideagen UN Empowering Women and Girls Summit 2030 awarded the grand prize to the proposed solution: Women’s Voice Radio. The executive summary for the winning proposal and video submission link are included below:

Winning Entry for the 2016 Ideagen Global Challenge - Empowering Women & Girls

“’Women’s Voice Radio’” is proposed as an interactive platform of communication and information dissemination that will facilitate the educational and health prospects of women and girls in developing countries by addressing their lack of information capital. Women’s Voice Radio will be a localized, interactive, noncommercial, women-centered radio station that will focus particularly on serving and promoting the interests of women and girls in rural areas. Two innovative features unique to Women’s Voice Radio are identified and discussed: its rural focus; and the interactive / mobility dimension that will ensure maximum local relevance and impact. Both of these innovative features address the lack of voice of women in developing countries, particularly women in rural areas, and seek to mitigate their information poverty. The guiding principle of Women’s Voice Radio is that the provision of a women-led, localized, and interactive platform of communication and information dissemination will empower and inspire female listeners, particularly in rural areas of developing countries, by providing them with educational, informative, stimulating, and entertaining women-centered content that aims to facilitate their improved health and educational prospects through the increase of their information capital.”

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