Ideagen and The Global Empowerment of the Next Generation

Ideagen and The Global Empowerment of the Next Generation

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Friday, June 27, 2014 - 12:00pm

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Washington, D.C., June 27, 2014 /3BL Media/ - The Ideagen 100, a cross­sector, collective impact member network where the world’s leading corporations, NGO’s and public sector organizations convene to innovate and collaborate, hosted its latest quarterly summit at the historic Willard focused on the theme, The Global Empowerment of the Next Generation.

Impact leaders convened at The Willard in Washington to facilitate cross­sector collaboration, impact leadership and collective impact. The overarching theme, “The Global Empowerment of the Next Generation” focused on the identification of pressing needs and emergent strategies to address key issues in topic areas including STEM 360, The Technological Empowerment of the Next Generation, The Business Case for Racial Equity and The Global Empowerment of the Next Generation. Redefining Higher Education was a key focus of each topic area.

Nadia Mitchem from the American Red Cross and Chair of the Ideagen Impact Leader Council and George Sifakis, Founder of Ideagen, outlined the importance of empowering the next generation and introduced innovation speakers from across sectors including 3D Systems, Eli Lilly and Company, The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Ed2Go, US Department of Education and MentorNet.

The Hon. Patrick Theros, former US Ambassador to Qatar and CEO of the US Qatar Business Council, member of the Ideagen 100 and Ideagen Impact Leader Council, presented The Hon. Congressman Louis Stokes (Ret.) with the Ideagen Lifetime Collaboration Award. During award presentation, Congressman Stokes stated, “Ideagen is one of the most unique, necessary and powerful cross­sector collaboration platforms today, it is indeed time to facilitate cross­sector collaboration to address many of the world’s most pressing challenges”.

During the ideation and strategy sessions, Ideagen members outlined ideas and emergent strategies to address the global empowerment of the next generation ranging from opportunity creation, Starbuck’s recent announcement that it will provide free education to its employees, facilitating volunteerism among millennials, redefining higher education, the business case for racial equity and the technological empowerment of the next generation.

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Ideagen’s mission is to foster an environment for the world’s leading corporations, NGO’s and public sector entities to innovate and collaborate to develop emergent strategies for major themes and topics to address large­scale change to meet the unprecedented social, resource, business, political and organizational challenges of today as we prepare for tomorrow.

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