Huntsman Pigments is Brightening the Future Sustainably

From new products that help reduce energy consumption to reducing manufacturing waste, Huntsman Pigments is using sustainability to drive its business.
Sep 4, 2014 12:00 PM ET

At Huntsman, we believe that truly sustainable practices address three areas: People, Planet and Profit. Each of our five divisions face similar, but different sustainability challenges; from energy and resource use to community education and health. We also believe that our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the manufacturing process. We develop products that help our customers be more sustainable as well.

Huntsman Pigments produces titanium dioxide (TiO2), a product used to color or whiten everything from paint to paper. In our 2012 Sustainability Report, we spoke with the president of our Pigments division, Simon Turner. As part of their sustainability focus the Pigments division has been working to reduce emissions and waste, develop community health and education programs near their facilities, create products that help reduce energy use and work with industry partners to help set sustainable standards.

You can read about Huntsman Pigments’ efforts in the excerpt from our 2012 Sustainability Report (.pdf attached). To see how our other divisions are addressing other sustainability issues, read through our sustainability report here.


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