Huntsman Brings Sustainability Home Using Renewable Resources

Renewable home- and personal-care ingredients
May 27, 2014 5:30 PM ET
Huntsman scientists are hard at work innovating sustainable solutions.

Huntsman Sustainability Report

At Huntsman, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility. With many of our chemistries being used in everyday items, it is essential we have a keen eye on energy and resource management. One area we are very proud of is our role in personal- and home- care products. Our Performance Products division creates the chemistries that go into a number of cleaning, hygiene and cosmetic products – products used every day around the world. Historically, many of the ingredients used in these everyday items were sourced from petroleum. Today, Huntsman is increasingly using plant-based, renewable resources to create these ingredients.  

One area where we are making a difference is renewable surfactants. Surfactants are the essential ingredient in most household cleaning products, like detergents and surface cleaners. The surfactant reduces the surface tension of water or other liquids, allowing them to penetrate between fibers or into pores. The surfactant also binds to oil and dirt, allowing them to be cleaned out. Our plant-based surfactants, sold under the Huntsman brand SURFONIC®, are bio-degradable and non-toxic to algae and fish, the wildlife most affected by cleaning supplies in water systems.

Another critical component in many personal-care products is solvent. Mild solvents are used in make-up and nail polish removers, perfumes, hair products and a number of other cosmetic and personal-care items. Again, solvents are predominantly made from processing petroleum, but Huntsman has developed a mild solvent made predominantly from plant-based, renewable materials. This mild solvent, JEFFSOL® GC, is not only sustainable, but performs better than petroleum-based mild solvents.

Huntsman’s innovations help our customers make their products more sustainable. In fact, Huntsman’s sustainable surfactants and solvents are used in products that have won a number of sustainability awards. It’s just a reflection of our belief that our responsibility to sustainability does not end when our products ship. We enrich lives through innovation.