How Small Business Entrepreneurs Can Level Up With AI

Nov 15, 2023 10:00 AM ET
Campaign: Empower by GoDaddy
Group of people standing at the AI safety Summit
(Photo by DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images) originally published via Forbes.

Originally published on Forbes

By Dean DeBiase, Contributor 


GoDaddy thinks GenAI has democratized access to this information, and by using this technology, small businesses now have a resource that provides them with precise information collected from vast amounts of data that they can use to propel their business forward. They continually update their Empower by GoDaddy curriculum, a global social impact program that supports historically overlooked entrepreneurs with small business workshops and self-guided curriculums; one-on-one, group mentorship and coaching; a support network; and wraparound services such as childcare, transportation and technology to eliminate barriers to participation.

I checked out one of their customers, Phoenix, Arizona-based Ade McCray, founder and CEO of Pilates King LLC and a graduate of Empower by GoDaddy, where he learned how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools to assist in developing his business plan. In an email exchange McCray said, “Empower was most helpful to me in regard to advertising. I learned the best practices when it came to using GoDaddy Studio and ChatGPT, which assisted in problem-solving, as well as helping me formulate and fine-tune many ideas I had for my business.”

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