How Sappi Innovates With the Customer in Mind

How Sappi Innovates With the Customer in Mind

Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 4:05pm

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability Report 2018

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At Sappi, we are known for our history of paper innovation—but we don’t stop there. This past year we’ve launched an unprecedented amount of investments and initiatives all to support our customers and business. With our portfolio of high-quality sustainable products, including our new paperboard packaging, along with our outreach and marketing efforts, Sappi is here to serve its customers for the long haul. 

Sappi educates on the power of paper

Our new site, POP from Sappi, celebrates the inspiring power of paper, print, and packaging.

POP from Sappi is a new educational site for marketers, creatives, designers and printers that features case studies, industry trends and insights, paper inspiration, and free resource downloads focusing on the impact of print in marketing communications. The name POP from Sappi was inspired by big ideas that empower Sappi’s work —the Power of Paper, the Power of Print, the Power of Packaging—all fitting under a short acronym with a lot of punch: POP.

POP from Sappi is designed to provide these marketers with easily accessible information so that they have a go-to resource for those looking to make a greater impact in their marketing campaigns. POP showcases some of Sappi’s most insightful projects in a dynamic and digestible way—demonstrating that print through sensory engagement and improved recall is essential to memorable brands.

Sappi launches Verve brand

Building on its reputation for quality, service and responsibility, Sappi has moved to strengthen its leadership in the dissolving wood pulp (DWP) market with the launch of the truly sustainable Sappi Verve brand. In the past, DWP sold by Sappi was unbranded, and industry-generic names were used as product names. The new Sappi Verve brand creates a strong identity within the market, reflecting its unique benefits and inherent sustainability.

Demand for DWP continues to grow as consumer preference increases for products made from renewable, sustainably sourced and processed wood fiber. As a significant producer of DWP over the past decades, Sappi today produces close to 1.4m tons per year, earning a significant 16 percent share of the DWP market. Unlike fibers derived from non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, Verve is DWP used to create viscose and lyocell fibers for garments, home textiles and other applications such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Sappi continues to invest in this market to meet customer demands for sustainably grown and responsibly processed DWP.

Casting and release collaborates with customers on textures

To improve speed-to-market, volume potential and texture launch success rate, our Release paper sales team is engaging with customers, particularly in the decorative panel segment, to develop textures. By working together with customers in early-stage design, we are better able to capture near-term design trends and customer preferences that pay dividends in rapid-market adoption and brand owner specification.

In addition, Sappi Release textures provide a haptic experience that elevates the perceived value of the end product—offering unique surfaces that are differentiated from status quo products in the market. For decorative laminates, used for worktops and doors, Sappi Release paper helps to create the perfect blend of texture and printed décor for exceptionally authentic results. 

Introducing Sappi Packaging

Sappi North America announced the launch of its much-anticipated paperboard packaging line with two premier boards, Proto and Spectro, during Pack Expo International in Chicago on October 14th–17th, 2018. The new paperboards allow Sappi to provide luxury packaging and folding carton applications that complement its existing specialty packaging products. Sappi was the first company to set standards for coated paper, with roots extending back to 1854. For 165 years, Sappi has transformed the industry through cutting-edge, dynamic paper solutions. Now, using innovation to lead the way, it is setting the new standard in paper-based packaging by providing high-quality, cost-effective products. Both product lines provide a new choice for converters and commercial printers looking for innovative products and sustainable responsibility. Sappi will continue to expand its new paperboard product line to meet customer needs around the globe.

The two new paper-based packaging product lines to the market include:

Proto: A sturdy, solid bleached paperboard capable of meeting a breadth of applications from general folding carton and food packaging to pharmaceutical and over the counter packaging. It’s the paperboard for everyday jobs, providing an unmatched yield advantage, and superior surface and printability for a lasting impact.

Spectro: A sturdy, solid bleached paperboard with enhanced optics, making it ideal for premium applications that call for dynamic and vibrant images. Whether using UV, aqueous, or specialty coatings, hot foil stamping, embossing, special effects, or varnishes, Spectro has the surface for the most demanding applications.

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