How Nutrition for Zero Hunger Is Working Toward Zero Empty Plates

How Nutrition for Zero Hunger Is Working Toward Zero Empty Plates

Herbalife Nutrition shares how they are helping taking hunger to zero
Monday, October 12, 2020 - 3:45pm

CAMPAIGN: Nutrition for Zero Hunger

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Currently, two billion people worldwide do not have regular access to sufficient, nutritious food. In addition, the pandemic will add as many as 132 million more people to the total number of the world’s hungry in 2020 alone. Solutions to these mounting challenges are critical, including the need to promote access and behaviors for sustainable healthy diets, needs for education about healthy foods, and addressing how to adapt global food systems to meet these needs. As a result, Herbalife Nutrition have seen the power of good nutrition to transform communities and this impact was the driving force behind the creation of their Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative.

Through Herbalife Nutrition’s Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative (NFZH), they partner with organizations aligned in achieving Zero Hunger to support the needs of communities vulnerable to the impacts of the triple burden of hunger. They have partnered with 10 leading organizations who are supporting more than 114 million people in over 120 countries worldwide. Ongoing collaboration with nonprofit partners emphasizes their leadership in nutrition, not only through their contributions, but through alignment around nutrition capacity building, education, and training needs and opportunities to mobilize global communities.

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