How to Manage Your Company's Employee Giving Donations Like a Fortune 500 Company, But With a Small Business Budget

Apr 3, 2018 5:10 PM ET

Is it better to manage your company's workplace giving charitable funds distribution in-house or to work with a 3rd party partner? 

One Fortune 500 company was stunned when it calculated the cost of managing its company’s in-house system for processing employee charitable payroll contributions. The company assumed it was making a fiscally prudent decision by managing this process itself. However, after analyzing what it took to manage its homegrown system, the company quickly learned its assumption was false.

Ater making some changes to its proccess, the Fortune 500 company ended up scaling its impact and cutting costs by more than $225,000. How did they do that?

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company in a similar boat or you're a small company that would like to achieve Fortune 500-level results (on a small budget) - it's possible! 

Find out how by downloading "Charitable Funds Management Case Study: How One Fortune 500 Company Scaled Its Impact and Cut Costs by More Than $225,000."