How COVID Has Affected Our Priorities

By Pedro Gonçalves
Jan 7, 2022 10:00 AM ET
COVID-19 has changed the game for consumers and how they prioritize all aspects of their lives. Now it’s up to purpose-driven businesses to respond to these trends. Image courtesy of Tetra Pak.

Originally published on GreenBiz

The COVID-19 pandemic reprioritized all aspects of our lives. We’re spending more time at home –– and when we venture out of the home, we are seeking experiences that feel safe. We’re more concerned than ever about our impact on the environment — and changing our habits because of it. We’re focusing on our health — and taking more control over what that looks like.

The UN has called the 2020s the "Decade of Action," and we’re just beginning to see what that means as it relates to consumer trends and attitudes toward sustainability. Purpose-driven companies are recognizing this, taking action and letting consumers know they’re aware of these changes with new products, ideas and ways of communicating. 

In a recent consumer attitudes survey from Tetra Pak and Ipsos, we can see how the global pandemic has rewired consumers’ priorities and behaviors. Here’s a look at the top trends.

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