How Conflict Disrupts Communities and Drives Humanitarian Crises

In Somalia, Millions are Displaced
Jun 21, 2024 12:30 PM ET
Conflict is the main driver of hunger.
Conflict is the main driver of hunger.

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The world is facing the biggest refugee crisis in recent history. At the end of 2023, over 117 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide. Today, that number has likely exceeded 120 million people.

These families were displaced by persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations, or events disturbing public order. Driven from their homes, they are often left with next to nothing and must rebuild their lives from scratch. 40% of them are children.

The number keeps rising higher and higher. Last year, there were 8.8 million more displaced people than the year prior. That means that one in 69 people on Earth are forcibly displaced.

Most refugees end up in a cycle of displacement in the world’s lowest income countries. In Sudan, civil war has forced 8.8 million people to flee. Conflict in Gaza has internally displaced 75% of the population and driven half the population to the brink of famine. Ukraine continues to experience missile strikes and bombardment, leaving entire towns buried in rubble. Humanitarian crises in Afghanistan, Somalia, Mynamar, Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the South Caucasus region also drove families to displacement and hunger.

More forced displacement equals more hunger. The two are closely linked. People living in conflict-prone areas have their fields burned, belongings stolen, markets bombed, water and sanitation services destroyed, and roads blocked. This often makes it impossible for humanitarian workers to access communities in need. This video aims to illustrate the reality that forcibly displaced families experience. Each animation began as a hand-drawn illustration, and each illustration was based off photos of real Somalian scenes—including villages, houses, and a displacement camp.

In Somalia, displaced families usually seek refuge in crowded displacement camps. Even in dangerous heat, men, women, and children must live in small tents with no electricity, clean water, or sanitary latrines. The camps are prone to infectious disease outbreaks. At the end of last year, over 3.9 million people in Somalia were displaced due to insecurity, conflict, and climate change-induced natural disasters.

About This Video

All photos were captured by Ismail Taxta. The video was illustrated by Tayo Fatunla and animated by Adam Zygadlo. The film is voiced by Fardosa Hussein and directed by Toby Madden.

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