How this Cancer Survivor is Using Her Business and Personal Experience to Help Other Young Women Face Breast Cancer

Oct 26, 2017 11:45 AM ET

Shauna Martin is the founder of Daily Greens, a business she started 12 years after receiving her breast cancer diagnosis at the young age of 33. Like many young women diagnosed with breast cancer, Shauna was introduced to an organization called Young Survival Coalition® (YSC), the premier organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. YSC’s programs and resources are designed to meet a young woman’s needs from the time she is diagnosed through her entire breast cancer experience.

It was through her own obstacles that Shauna discovered YSC and the desire to help other young women facing breast cancer. Shauna’s experience with YSC inspired her to start Daily Greens as a way to promote healthy living. As a breast cancer survivor, Shauna remains committed to giving back to the community that helped her get through her cancer diagnosis and treatment by serving as a YSC board member and corporate partner.

"I discovered the YSC 12 years ago after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I heard that it was an organization focused on the needs of young women, so I attended their annual conference while still undergoing chemotherapy. I will never forget the feeling I had when I walked into a room filled with 600 other women my age in various stages of treatment and recovery from breast cancer. For the first time, I knew that I was not alone in my journey. Years later when I started Daily Greens, I knew that we needed to pay it forward by partnering with YSC to help facilitate its mission of providing services to young women facing breast cancer so that they too, are not alone,” says Shauna Martin.

Shauna and team Daily Greens give back to YSC in several ways, and their partnership with YSC has many layers.

Daily Greens:

  • Donates funding to help fuel YSC’s mission to ensure that no young woman faces breast cancer alone,
  • Helps to spread the word to young women that YSC is here for them, should they ever need support, and
  • Provides in-kind products for YSC events like healthy drink options at YSC’s Summit and Tour de Pink cycling events. Daily Greens’ founder, Shauna, has a team and rides in YSC’s 200-mile 3-day charity cycling event in Florida every year.

“My hope would be to provide vital funding to YSC to continue to support their mission as well as raising awareness about the amazing support and services they provide to young women and their families affected by breast cancer,” says Martin.

YSC’s main activation is through a cause-marketing campaign they do every October. Daily Greens creates heart-shaped coupons to put around their green juices in stores across the U.S. Every time someone redeems the coupon, $1 is donated to YSC. This year, Daily Greens is excited to add a matching donation component to the partnership and is encouraging their consumers to donate to YSC by doubling their donation.

Through this partnership, Daily Greens has donated over $60k to YSC. That funding enables YSC to send young women to its annual YSC Summit, where they can learn about the latest treatment options and tools they can use throughout their cancer journey. YSC also uses the funding to create and distribute their treatment navigator series to help women at every phase of their cancer diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment.

YSC wants to ensure that no young woman faces breast cancer alone. They also aim to educate the public on breast self-awareness and healthy living. Through their partnership with Daily Greens, YSC works to spread the message that young women can and do get breast cancer, and offers resources, connections and outreach so women feel supported, empowered and hopeful. Together with Daily Greens, they have reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Want to Support YSC's Mission?
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