Hilton Worldwide Blog on Huff Post: The World's Most Important Travel Guides

By Jennifer Silberman, Vice President for Global Corporate Responsibility, Hilton Worldwide
Jun 12, 2013 2:30 PM ET
Campaign: Hilton HHonors

Original blog on Huff Post

Teachers are perhaps the world's most important travel guides. Each day, history, language and social studies teachers take their students around the world, introducing them to ancient civilizations like Pythagoras' Greece and dynastic China, and the contemporary cultures that compose today's diverse world community. Without crossing a single border, teachers empower young people to roam the globe. And one of the best ways we can empower teachers to be effective "travel guides" for their students is by helping them to travel themselves.

It is reported that in 2012, one billion people crossed country borders; there has never been better evidence of just how dynamic our world truly is. Encouraging people to explore other cultures -- whether they are teachers, students or anyone else -- has never been more important, and we at Hilton Worldwide think there's a powerful argument to be made in favor of making more travel possible for more people. Conrad Hilton, our founder, believed that travel can change the world, and we have seen firsthand that the positive effects of travel are deep and widespread.

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