Higher Education’s Important Role in Climate Technology

by Judith Magyar Brand Contributor SAP BRANDVOICE | Paid Program
Jan 30, 2024 9:00 AM ET
image of person holding a light with different aspects of sustainability revolving around it.
“I have always been a strong believer in technology, but being at COP28 really made me realize its importance in the area of sustainability,” said Dr. Dima Jamali, VP of Academic Affairs, Canadian University in Dubai.GETTY. Image Courtesy of Forbes

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Climate technologies such as renewable energy, carbon capture and storage and drought-resistant crops all play a significant role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but there is a lot more to tech’s role in the great shift towards a more sustainable future.

Creating positive economic, social and environmental impact requires software designed specifically to help organizations record, report, and act on sustainability goals. Afterall, you can only manage what you measure.

Creating awareness about that kind of software in academic circles and addressing the corresponding skills gap in the workforce are the goals of a new initiative of the SAP Academies and University Alliances (SAP AUA), a program that teaches SAP technology at universities.

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