Helping Sustainable Jewelry Designers Compete.

Sulusso aggregates designers into a single marketplace making it easy for conscious consumers.
Jun 19, 2010 9:00 AM ET

The traditional jewelry industry has a long history of contributing to devastating social and environmental problems. While issues of sustainability have been addressed in many other industries over the past few decades, the idea of sustainable jewelry (sometimes referred to as eco jewelry or green jewelry) is only just starting to take hold.

Sulusso is founded upon the belief that you shouldn't have to sacrifice sustainability to have beautiful jewelry. As such, Sulusso stands apart in offering you designer jewelry that you can feel good about purchasing, gifting, and wearing.

Sulusso helps socially and environmentally responsible designers compete against established luxury brands while making it easy for consumers to align their values with their jewelry purchasing.

By aggregating these designers together into a single marketplace, Sulusso is driving industry-wide change.

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