Helping Advance Math and Science in the Classroom

Helping Advance Math and Science in the Classroom

By David Marbaugh

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Indiana teachers sort through palettes of Lilly's surplus office and classroom supplies.

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 4:25pm

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Today's guest blog comes from Beth Hunter, associate communications coordinator for Lilly Health, Safety, and Environment.

What does a pharmaceutical company do with surplus office and lab supplies? These aren’t just a few paper clips. I’m talking more than 100 pallets of “stuff” weighing close to 50,000 pounds and estimated at about $100,000 in value. There’s everything from Geiger counters, to test tubes, to beakers, to binders, to notebooks, to microscopes, and more!

For the past 14 years, Lilly employees have gone through our labs, work spaces, and supply closets to find gently used but no longer needed items, and we give it away each May to nearly 100 teachers across Indiana as part of Lilly Teachers Day.

Donating items Lilly no longer needs reduces waste sent to landfills while providing teachers and students with access to lab equipment and office supplies that they might not otherwise be able to have. It’s a win for Indiana schools, the environment, and more importantly, a win for our kids.

To learn more about how Lilly strives to further science and math education through donations, please visit our blog.