Heathrow 2.0: Building a Strategy for Sustainability Leadership

Apr 24, 2018 9:00 AM ET

One year ago, Heathrow launched its plan for sustainable growth. Representing a step-change in approach, Heathrow 2.0 demonstrates leadership, both within the aviation sector and beyond, and goes further than merely reducing negative impacts to delivering real, positive change. 

Heathrow’s first update on progress made so far in meeting the goals set out in Heathrow 2.0 explores highlights and challenges face in implementing the plan.

Highlights include:

  • Building sustainability culture at Heathrow through the launch of Leading Sustainable Growth an immersive training programme already rolled out to over 100 senior leaders.
  • Over 50 of Heathrow’s vehicles have been converted to electric or plug-in hybrid (the second largest corporate fleet in the UK) and the airport now has the highest density of charging infrastructure in Europe.
  • A reduction in flights departing late after 23:20 by nearly 30% compared to 2016, a major improvement for communities close to the airport most impacted by aircraft noise.
  • Living Wage accreditation from November 2017, which will see 3,200 airport colleagues receive the Living Wage by 2020.
  • First step towards establishing a Centre of Excellence for sustainability with the launch of an Innovation Prize of £20,000 open to organisations with innovative solutions to challenges facing the aviation sector against three themes of circular economy, advanced materials and social wellbeing.  
  • Since April 2017, Heathrow has been powered by 100% renewable energy, a step towards the airport’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2020.

In the second year of the strategy, Heathrow will continue to work to deliver the goals set out in the plan. Along the way it will learn from and listen to its stakeholders and collaborate with them on creating a sustainable future for aviation.

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