Hallmark VIDEO | Inspiring Acts of Caring: Karolyn Roby Helps Students Become Secret Kindness Agents

Apr 24, 2019 2:35 PM ET

Karolyn Roby an elementary school teacher from Omaha, Nebraska, turns students into Secret Kindness Agents. Modeled after the book of the same name by Ferial Pearson, Roby’s students learn how compassion plays a big part in someone’s life. Each student has an “agent name” and devises acts of kindness.

Roby’s students complete a community project each year. In 2017 they chose to help Darnisha White, a stroke victim who had three young children to support while trying to recover. They showered her with cards of encouragement and hugs of comfort.

“The Secret Kindness Agents have been very supportive of Darnisha,” said Roby. “We hoped to overwhelm her with love and remind her there are kind people out there.”

Now the Secret Kindness Agents project is in more than 400 schools around the world ranging from preschool to university-level classrooms.

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