Grey Water Wagon Provides Recycling For Californians

Grey Water Wagon Provides Recycling For Californians

by Gina-Marie Cheeseman

Friday, October 10, 2014 - 4:00pm



Many lawns throughout California are looking rather brown and patchy. The reason is simple. California is experiencing its worst drought in 100 years. Most of the state is categorized as being in a severe drought. California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency back in January and asked all Californians to conserve water by 20 percent. The state’s latest bi-weekly drought brief shows the drought’s impact across the golden state. Reservoir levels are very low. 
California cities and towns have imposed outdoor watering restrictions. Fresno, the San Joaquin Valley’s largest city, the large inland part of the state known for its agriculture, only allows residents to water outdoors two times a week. A subdivision in a neighboring county has banned outdoor watering. Some wells in the Fresno County farming community I hail from, a little dot on the map called Easton, are going dry. Green lawns just aren’t feasible in a drought of this magnitude. But what if there is a way for Californians to provide water to their lawns? Actually, there is a way. It’s called grey water recycling.
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